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about me

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becky brisco

with an education in textile design, studio art, and fashion design under my belt, i set out to Vancouver BC to earn a degree in industrial design. while studying industrial design, i found myself with an internship in amsterdam with dutch designer marcel wanders (of droog and moooi design). after my experience abroad I worked for local vancouver product design/architecture firm molo design. my eclectic design education and work history landed me many odd jobs including the honour of designing the container that the olympic athletes of the 2010 winter games received their gold, silver, and bronze medals in, as well as a project assisting one of my heroes, douglas coupland. i also spent six years designing accessories for the Canadian founded fashion store Aritzia.

my line of products is a continuation from the time spent creating with my long time design comrade Beau Kerner (currently of rbm builders) and our line Anemergency®. The becky brisco line of goods serves my desire to create a platform for any facet of design that my imagination conjures up. i have managed to dip my fingers into many processes and materials including silver, porcelain, leather, fabric weaving, knitting, fiber dyeing, and wood, and have come up with various products including porcelain plates, leather gloves, wallets, belts, wooden birdhouse kits and furniture. Included under my main line, are my products. designed with children in mind, this line was inspired by my little girl edie.

it is my belief that if an object embodies a value that transcends it’s functional duties it has the ability to become an ‘artifact’. by enabling the end-user to create meaning through the underlying content of an object that object then becomes an artifact and will have a meaningful life that exceeds the brief existence that many objects have in today’s consumer culture.

with my product line, i aim to marry the hand-made qualities of folk inspired craft with modern machined detailing to create the character of my products.

i get a lot of my inspiration from my environment, beautiful, super-natural, british columbia canada, and my memory. watching my father, a serious antique collector, has instilled in me a great respect and fondness for antiquity, history, longevity, and ‘the forgotten’.

crop circles, tree houses, forts, impromptu dwellings, guerrilla art making, folk art, quantum physics, humor, history, biographies, folklore, storytelling, handsome grandpas, and needle craft are the many things that motivate me.